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Maine Technology Group is proud to be Maine’s Information Technology and Cyber Security leader since 2011. Our leadership team has over 90 combined years in Managed I.T. Services, I.T. Business Operations, Cyber Security Consulting, and Technology Outsourcing. This unique blend of experiences is why our customers continue to rave about their experience and our expertise. Maine Technology Group started as a software company.  We quickly realized that the software was less successful if the network in place was not optimal.  In 2015 MTG refocused our efforts on the Managed Services side of business IT.  From there we have grown by an average of 25% per year.  During COVID we proved our merit by assisting our clients with a quick and secure conversion to remote work using technology and key cyber tools.  We have built an amazing team of hard workers who have over 100 years of combined Managed Services and IT Operations experience.

My wife and I purchased MTG in the summer of 2022 and we are committed to a continuing progression of top-notch service mixed with a small business partner mindset.  We are very proud of our team and the work that we do for over 80 clients.  

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